Are neighboring businesses taking up prime parking spaces on your property subjecting you to limited parking for your customers and increased liability exposure?

Are abandoned vehicles finding their way onto your property?

Are neighboring residents utilizing your parking spaces without authorization?

If so, we can help with these issues by removing unwanted cars from your lots and spaces freeing them up for your parking use. This is a free service to you and your business. We will come out and install highly visible signs for unauthorized parked cars and will remove them at their expense.

Private Property Parking Enforcement:

  • Abuse Parking: Our staff is on 24HRS A DAY for any quick removable you may need we are just a phone call away & our staff will respond quickly to remove that illegally parked vehicle.
  • Vehicles blocking fire lanes or handicap parking: These violations are critical for a quick removable all these lanes and spots need to be accessible for you and emergency equipment.
  • Any car blocking your dumpsters
  • Cars being worked on
  • Abandoned cars

Types of Private Property We Provide Parking Enforcement For Include:

  • Managed Properties
  • Condo Buildings
  • Commercial Properties / Businesses
  • Residential
  • Vacant Lots


  • Patrol Parking Lots
  • Call Parking Lots
  • Permit Parking

Problems We Can Solve:

  • Illegally Parked Vehicles
  • Unauthorized Parking
  • Illegal use of fire lane and handicap space
  • Abandoned Vehicle Removal
  • Blocked Dumpsters, Driveways and Exits
  • Chicagoland Private Towing

Download our private property/relocation towing services agreement forms click here.